Puppies Yeti and her yet to be named brother taking advantage of the nice weather, soaking up some sun in front of a hay bale. These adorable little ones were born in McBride November 20th, 2022 and are a mix between Great Pyrenees and Husky. / SANDRA JAMES
One of Wendigo’s pups is sticking close to the security of mom. She had her first litter eight weeks ago, which consisted of six cute little fluff balls in total. They are a Maremma/ Great Pyrenees mix which are very similar breeds. In general the Great Pyrenees is slightly taller and more strong willed than the Maremma, whereas the Maremma sheepdog tends to be more eager to please. Maremma’s herding instinct is highly developed and the dog is happiest when at work tending to the farm. They will be loyal to their master and devoted to their flock but intolerant of intruders, for this reason the breed is also a good guard dog. / SANDRA JAMES
Caring for a litter of pups is hard work. Wendigo yawns while feeding her six little ones who were born on a farm in McBride. Every so often moving around and changing positions while the little ones follow to feed. Eventually these guys are meant to become or be used as working farm/guardian dogs. The Maremma can guard a variety of animals such as goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs as they are protective and usually patrol the perimeters of the area and livestock which they are guarding. / SANDRA JAMES