The McBride Centennial Elementary grade 6-7 class hosted an Entrepreneur Market right before spring break. Teacher Kathleen Trembley said the assignment was for the students to learn what is involved in running a business. They had to figure out a marketing plan, create a prototype, and determine feasibility and profitability. The students were allowed to choose their own partners. The groups each chose a local charity to receive 10 percent of their profits. The rest of the money raised will be returned to a trust for future classes to do similar projects

(Right) Declan had carefully assembled all the edible supplies needed for a sticky smore snack. Only a roasting device is needed to complete the experience. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Aziz, Wyatt and Camden worked as a team to create not only the knitted items they were selling, but also the company logo and the button attached to each knitted creation. Wyatt did a majority of the knitting, and Aziz contributed some as well. Camden designed the company image and Aziz manufactured the finished pins. /ANDREA ARNOLD