Dave and Deb

By Laura Keil

Debbie Iorns and Dave Radies represented Valemount at the Venice Carnival at the end of February. The couple had a professional 3D photo/video taken in St. Marc’s Square, showing off their ornate masks and finery. Iorns, the former Kindergarten-Grade 1 teacher who is taking a year off to travel, had their outfits shipped overseas. They weren’t just any outfits. Iorns’ gold dress was made by Valemount resident Gwen Barker, Iorns designed the blue cape and had it sewed by local seamstress Sandy Braun, Iorns’ mom gave her the feather butterflies, she got her purse from a yard sale in Valemount, the ring is from Mexico, and her fan is from Indian. Radies’ suit jacket used to belong to Sharon Stearns’ grandma. Iorns’ mask came from dollarama and Dave’s was one of a bag of handmade masks given to her at school where she works. The couple did not win the top prize (thousands of people take part in the contest), but they did have fun.

“I believe if you win you are awarded a fabulous costume from a top costume maker here in Venice. We just did it for fun and to get a cool keepsake, the video, like they do on the red carpet at the Grammy etc. There are unbelievable costumes here.”

Iorns says she loves to dress up and encourage others to join in.

“This year off, I had definite plans/events: I wanted to go to the Day of the Dead Mexico City and surrounding areas and dress up and learn about it and the same with carnival, and I have made that happen.” This was her first time at the Venice Carnival. “The best part is having both my husband and best friend Donna share this experience in costume in Venice.”” 

Donna and Deb