It is not Justin Trudeau, or the Liberal government that is causing trouble for the rogue psychologist Jordan Peterson.

It is the governing board of psychologists that understand that Jordan does not play by any rules but his own, and that he is giving his own personal wonky versions of psychology, mixed with his religion and his personal version of anti-left politics to his millions of devotees, as he makes his big money from the Conservative Christians. 

Another issue that is very worrisome, of which psychologists are aware, is that if a psychologist takes his or her own life … (which happens on occasion) it has an extremely traumatic effect on those that were taking mental counsel from that psychologist. 

Jordan is not at all well. By his own admission, when someone dares to disagree with him, he has a hot temper, and he does and says whatever in the moment satiates that anger. That is the sign of someone with very low self esteem, and a frail ego. 

I hope for the sake of his family and his devout followers that if he takes (what might be) the inevitable fall from fame, Jordan will be able to take it in stride and say “That’s the way it goes. You win some. You lose some.” But having listened to so many of his YouTube podcasts I doubt that he will take defeat in any sort of honorable fashion.  

If his license as a professor of psychology is revoked and he keeps blaming the Trudeau government for trying to take away his freedom of speech … it’s anybody’s guess what type of unruly demonstrations could follow? 

With all his sermons about Jesus, that in turn ring hollow, I suggest that as occurred with Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson certainly would not encourage his demonstrators to keep any semblance of peace.

June Vandermark

McBride, BC