By Laura Keil, Publisher/Editor

My family was one of the ones hit by the recent post office box thefts.
While it was certainly a shock and a nuisance, the worst part about it is the severe reduction in post office hours as a result. The reduction will make it very difficult for a lot of people to pick up their mail now.

Apart from new security features like security cameras, which act as a deterrent more than a failsafe, it would be great if Canada Post invested in a key-pad for the door similar to other communities in Canada, as suggested by one local.

No solution is perfect, but what Canada Post needs to do is remove the low-hanging fruit. Many thefts are thefts of opportunity because the risk is so low. When there are no security cameras the chances of being ID’d are practically zero. But when cameras are up? Now there’s a big enough chance that some people may reconsider thieving at all.
What has to happen is a happy medium between security and convenience. Where is that line? It will differ according to each person, but I hope Canada Post can ensure that people who work long-hours still have the opportunity to pick up their mail.