By Andrea Arnold

Valley residents have noticed much slower local mail service in recent weeks. In a facebook post, one resident relayed they had an invoice arrive after the date payment was due.
“If you want your in town mail delivered in a timely manner, make sure you bring it into the counter,” said a Valemount resident. “I send cheques weekly, and have noticed a noticeable delay in its delivery.”
Valemount Post Office staff have hung a sign over the letter slot inside the office directing people to post their letters in the mailbox outside. But customers have been told that the outdoor mailbox’ contents are taken directly to Vancouver and not sorted locally. If people want their mail sorted locally, staff have told customers that they must hand it to someone at the counter.
When asked about the sorting issue in McBride, staff said the system has not changed. McBride mail posted to a McBride address is sorted in house, and does not leave the valley before arriving in the intended mailbox.
Confusingly, a statement from a Canada Post spokesperson said the sorting process at both the Valemount and McBride Post Offices has not changed.
“All mail, unless in bulk, mailed at the Valemount and McBride Post Offices for delivery in Valemount and McBride is sorted in-office and delivered according to our delivery standards,” said Phil Rogers, Canada Post Media Relations.
If mail comes in as bulk, or is destined for outside the valley, it is sent out to be processed either in Prince George or Kamloops.
“This is an approach that has been done for years for rural communities,” said Collins. “This also ensures that all mail, regardless of address or destination, is processed the same way.”
As of presstime, it was unclear why there was a discrepancy between directives at the Valemount Post Office and head office.