All members of McBride and Valemount councils attended a combined training session held in McBride on Wed. Nov. 23rd. The training covered topics such as legislative frameworks, roles of Mayor & Council, governance/management, ethical and respectful conduct, conflict of interest, financial frameworks, open/closed meetings, strategic planning, asset management, emerging/local issues, and more. (L-R) Valemount CAO Eric Depenau and DCO Carleena Shepherd, McBride Councillor Glen Frear, Valemount Councillor Hugo Mulyk, McBride Councillor Pete Caputo, Valemount Councillor Donnie MacLean, McBride Mayor Gene Runtz, Valemount Mayor Owen Torgerson, McBride Councillor Joe Kolida, Valemount Councillor Pete Pearson, Valemount Councillor Hollie Blanchette, McBride CFO Sandy Salt and CAO Chris Tupy. McBride Councillor Diane Smith attended via Zoom as she was out of town for a family commitment. /ANDREA ARNOLD