The 1950s Ford fire truck with Marmon-Herrington all-wheel drive sits in the McBride Village Public Works yard just waiting to roll out again. Santa’s reindeer were hungry and stopped for a snack, however with them all over the place he wasn’t able to get them back. As he could not get them away, he thought to himself maybe the Grinch was at play. Trying to steal Christmas once again, the big red guy would not let the Grinch’s new plan win. Santa was determined to spread the Christmas joy to all the girls and boys. Trying for an alternative solution, the big red guy went on the hunt. He had an idea and off to the McBride Village public works yard he went. Timing was perfect as an employee showed up and let St. Nick sneak into the yard. He didn’t want to see Christmas ruined either. So if you hear sirens instead of reindeer, it may just mean that Santa is finally here. / SANDRA JAMES
Domingo was unaware of all that was going on around as he was in his own world, imagination abound. Dreaming of snow and catching those squirrels, one day he will give it another good whirl. / SANDRA JAMES