Some of the runs may not have felt just right, or the riders were warming up both themselves and their sleds. Dan Shaffer took a couple of runs testing out the angles and line between the landing pad and the take off ramp before the event officially started. These jumps were less visually exciting, but still impressive as they completed each jump without incident. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Pyper Page and her mom, Niki Bell, visiting from Waskatenaw Alberta, checked out the Bung Bung festivities for the first time after a full day playing on Belle Mountain. During Dan Shaffer’s warm up runs on the ramp, Pyper kept cheering for more. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Once again, the street in front of the McBride Elks Hall was lined with snowmobiles. The sleds ranged from brand new to sleds so old, getting them to start up proved to be a challenge. Bung Bung attendees could walk among the sleds and talk shop. Several large bonfires were lit in the street for people to warm up during the event. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Bung Bung attendee from Blue River Jamie Iwaschuk rolled up in his show-stopping 1961 Chevy, hauling an equally as impressive 2022 Arctic Cat Hardcore. /ANDREA ARNOLD