By Laura Keil
As of November 17th, people who have COVID-19 are no longer required to self-isolate for a set time period. The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) warns however that it is still important for people with symptoms to stay home as much as possible to reduce any potential spread of illness until symptoms improve.
The BCCDC says people who work in settings with people at higher risk should consult their workplace-specific policies for guidance.
Before the recent changes, self-isolation was required for those who tested positive for COVID-19, with specific time frames depending on vaccination status. For those who were not eligible for a lab-based test, the BCCDC’s previous guidance did not indicate a specific isolation period was required.
The new, updated guidance encourages all British Columbians who have COVID-19 symptoms – regardless of testing or vaccination status – to manage the disease the way they would other respiratory illnesses.
“Consider how you manage other illnesses that you do not get tested for like cold and flu,” it reads. “Stay home if you are feeling unwell and resume your regular activities when you feel you are able to manage them. If you have a fever you should stay home until it is gone without medication.”