By Andrea Arnold

The letters of concern that were discussed during the May 24, 2022 Council meeting, also shed light on a few other areas within Gaglardi Park that needed attention. The state of the bathrooms was one of these issues. Peterson said that crews have cleaned the bathrooms and they are ready for the season. They are locked during the off-season and Peterson said the latches were functional in the fall, but were damaged over the winter. They will be replaced shortly, and a different method of locking them in the fall is being explored. The bathrooms cannot be maintained through the winter months due to freezing. They follow the same schedule as highways do for the closing of rest stop bathrooms. 

A dirt pile and lost access to a section of the trail near the lagoon access was mentioned. Peterson said the dirt is destined for a turn-around space, and the trail access will be restored. He also said that a bench that had been moved to a space in the middle of the trail has been relocated to a more appropriate spot.

A few of the memorial trees have broken off or died and are not adding to the visual beauty of the park. Peterson said he will take action to have these trees replaced. The plants that grow within the area have to be hearty to withstand the frequent highwater flow from the nearby Fraser River.

Gillette and Starchuck’s letters pointed at danger trees around the trails that could pose a threat if they fell. Peterson said that the removal of these trees will be addressed either later in the summer or in the early fall when water levels recede. 

“We will hire a licensed faller to come take care of the trees,” he said.

Peterson said he is glad that Gillette and Starchuck took the time to express their concerns. 

“It takes the whole community to take care of the town,” he said. “If people don’t say something when they see a need, then action won’t be taken. Letters and contact are the start of something positive. If you see something, call or email the village. All contact is electronically tracked, and you will receive a response.”