The new rig, a 2022 Peterbilt 389L with a 2005 Peerless Tri-Axle trailer took owner/operator Nacho the past six months to build. He says he did a lot of the work himself, however there were many people that also helped with the build. He did the rig out, but had help designing the stripes, Trimline put them on the truck, and Peterbilt Bodyshop did the chrome and accessories.
You may have seen him driving the black with red striped logging truck around HWY 16 this past week while on his maiden voyage with his new ride.
Nacho has been driving a logging truck for about 19 years and works for JF Logging out of Prince George. For the next month he and his new truck will continue hauling up long logs from the Holmes road to Carrier Lumber in Prince George.
This truck is part of a team of trucks called the ‘Black Army” that consists of around 30 trucks. They have their own clothing line and website and entire following. /SANDRA JAMES