It is hard to comprehend this 21st century failure of the human race on the heels of two years of masking, nearly two centuries of medical advancements, social isolations, food supply shortages, and heroic sanitation practices- domestic and institutional, and continuing necessary travel restrictions to contain and prevent opportunistic viral spread. It’s incredibly ironic that modern democratic societies, and educated… have failed to halt the advance and permutations of the pathogen. In the northern hemisphere a mind block of ignorance and resistance (of the wrong kind) remains among a poorly informed, poorly educated or sadly misinformed minority, while 80+ percent are diligent to be responsibly informed, even be triple vaccinated in interest of achieving best protection for self and society to thwart successive waves of Covid-19 variants. The same ignorance continues to threaten interprovincial travel amid serious global challenges while a patchwork of inconsistent best practices, some politically expedient control measures too! are updated, now tediously announced to arrest and control ongoing spread of the virus given virtual autonomy within decentralized, multiple health service jurisdictions- in an effort to react to ever-changing presence of the virus. My pathos and dwindling hope is (apologetically) in contrast to the hopes of elder, hopefully discerning ones who have ‘seen this all before’ clinging to hope of a new day as we enter the Christmas season, a new year approaching. Anyone with a cursory high school level Biology understanding of the random, single-strand protein (dna) mutation, and potential might grasp the significance of 30 mutations on an especially pernicious (omicron) protein spike.

Achieving the necessary level of herd immunity from Covid-19 should be as obvious as the need to eliminate the presence of bacterial and viral infections that have preceded, that once threatened humanity and quality of life in past generations and recorded history, or since Louis Pasteur. It is not the survival instinct or intentions of a dumb, living virus that is the problem—as even homeopaths will acknowledge. Without any doubt it will be the viral respiratory mutation we either consent to prolong, or that the unwitting human animal has little to no immunity to fight when the next mutation manifests. The cognitive human being has a duty (and to each other) to be vaccinated. Let’s be done with the virus, the tedious masking, further spread and potential for mutation of it here. N.I.M.B Y. but indeed, worldwide.

Peter Fox
Valemount, BC