Carrie Johnson is a common sight on special holidays together with her miniature horses Scooter or Stitch. She often hands out candy and makes frequent stops so kids can pet the horses. Sometimes she has lambs or bunnies on a little pulled wagon. On Mother’s Day she bought a pack of flowers and handed them out to local mothers on the street. Johnson said she bought the flowers with her own money but some people gave her donations. “The response I get is just really really awesome and I enjoy doing it,” she said. “And the horses enjoy doing it.” She said one Christmas, she yelled Merry Christmas to a police officer and he came over to her and said, ”You know, I was kind of down in the dumps. I’m new here. And when I saw you, you made me feel so good.” Johnson moved to Valemount to work at the sawmill and now works for the water bottling plant and runs a hobby farm. /PHOTO JANE SHAW, CAPTION LAURA KEIL