By Laura Keil

Pipeline workers from the North Thompson region, which spans from Hargreaves to Barriere, should be heading back to their work areas in the next week or two and will be receiving safety re-training and re-orientation before construction on the ground begins, Trans Moutain confirmed to the Goat Feb 16th.

Spokesperson Ali Hounsell said the current BC Public Health Order limits the workforce to 480 workers in the Valemount area. The max capacity at the Valemount Camp Community is usually 600 occupants.

“With our Project restart and the BC Public Health Order, we will have reduced occupants at our camp, and fewer workers in the area,” she said.

Most workers have been off since before Christmas due to a safety shut–down which was extended by the Province due to fears over workers returning en masse from holidays. A phased-in return to work will now ramp up in the next two weeks.

Restaurants and other tourism businesses have felt the absence of the pipeliners who have helped offset the drop in tourism due to COVID-19.