By Andru McCracken

If you have a complaint about the health care you have received the best thing you can do is to speak with the person providing the service or a manager at the time, but, if your complaint is not dealt with, the province has a mechanism for registering and dealing with health care complaints.

“Complaints are best addressed and resolved at the time and place they occur. If we have not met your expectations, we are committed to working with you to find a reasonable solution,” according to the Northern Health’s Patient Care Quality Office.

If your complaint continues to be unresolved, you can contact the Patient Care Quality Office itself at

1-877-677-7715 or by email: [email protected].

The Patient Care Quality Office’s job is to formally register your complaint and work with you to identify a reasonable resolution to the concern.

They will also provide you with a response to your complaint and an explanation about any decisions and actions taken as a result of your complaint.

It is possible to call on behalf of a family member if you can demonstrate that you have their consent.

If you still aren’t satisfied you can contact the Patient Care Quality Review Board. The board is composed of residents in Northern Health who are independent of the health authority.