By Andru McCracken

A Valemount man was caught in a speed trap near Birch Island not far from Avola by Clearwater Traffic Services, but a speeding ticket turned out to be the least of his problems.

Police found 79 grams of meth on the 27-year-old man. His name won’t be released until charges are laid.

Local police officer Corporal Jacob Joslin said this is one of the very few sightings of meth in the community, even though the drug is thought to be common here.

Meth typically brings an intense wave of property crime with it, but even with recent thefts accounted for, there is nothing akin to the crime in other meth-affected jurisdictions.

Joslin believes property crime in Valemount is less pervasive than say Vancouver, because offenders gain a reputation in a small community that makes it difficult for them to get work or continue to live in the community.

While this kind of drug bust is a daily occurrence in other parts of the province, Joslin said it was a big deal for Valemount.