By Goat Staff

Mayor Owen Torgerson, councillors Sheri Gee and Pete Pearson met on May 28, 2019 for their regular council meeting. Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Robinson, Deputy Corporate Officer Carleena Shepherd and Suzanne Bloodoff were present.

Public Comments

Eugene Jamin asked council to allow the Valemount Sports Day Association to apply for CBT funding since the shortfall they received on their quote for upgrades to the Sportsplex wasn’t their fault.

Rashmi Narayan suggested that either council could award the Sports Day Committee the funding or they could reopen the CBT Community Initiatives just for this project since their project had been ranked highly by the public and the CBT committee.

Michael Peters referred to the province’s report on Air Quality that Valemount had the worst air quality in BC. He acknowledged that council had taken some steps like the Clean Air Task Force but now wanted to see some concrete action.


New Notification System for Incidents

Brian McKinney from Calgary based company Voyent Alert remotely demonstrated how their notification system could help a community like Valemount in case of critical incidents or day-to-day communications. A resident could subscribe to the notification system by email, cell phone or text to landline by choosing the postal code they want alerts for.


Sports Day Association request

Council moved to reopen the CBT Community Initiatives only for the Valemount Sports Day Association as their quote for upgrades to Sportsplex was short of $20,000 due to an incomplete quote. Pearson had concerns whether council is setting a precedent for the future.


Air Quality Report

Council received a report on its air quality from the Province. Torgerson said that Valemount is working with the Province and hoping to move to a solution. Robinson said that Gail Roth from Ministry of Environment is meeting with the local Clean Air Task Force.


Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

Council received the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program report for information and directed staff to make the report public.


Municipal Paving

Council approved BA Dawson Blacktop Ltd.’s $123,622.80 quote for municipal paving to pave Juniper Street, Larch Street, Ash Street, Cranberry Trailer Park, 18th Avenue and Railway Road.


Municipal Insurance Request for Proposals

Council directed staff to enter into an agreement with Capri/Cowan for a three-year term for insurance, with the option to renew for a further two. The agreement would include a clause that staff can approach other brokers if the costs increase more than 10% year to year. Staff would also review the suggested areas of improvement and work with Capri/Cowan to incorporate that into the municipal insurance.


Upcoming Zoning Amendment for Retailing Cannabis

Council approved that staff seek written input of residents about retail cannabis applications and conduct a Public Hearing for the same.

Council also recommended that the zoning amendment be brought to the next Regular Meeting of Council for first and second readings. The zoning amendment permits a maximum of two retail cannabis outlets in Valemount in commercial zones C1, C2, C4 and C6. The stores cannot operate within 200 metres of any school or 100 metres of Centennial Park, John Osadchuk Park, the curling club, arena, community hall, library or museum.


Council Reports

Pearson mentioned that he and councillor MacLean had attended a seniors housing development proposal in McBride by Robson Valley Legacies on May 15. He also attended the Valemount Historic Society meeting.

Torgerson and Pearson met with MLA Shirley Bond on May 21.

All council members present attended the Tourism Week celebration on May 27.

Torgerson attended regional district meetings in Prince George.


In-Camera Item

There was no in-camera item.