By Goat Staff

Mayor Owen Torgerson, councillors Hollie Blanchette, Sheri Gee, Donnie MacLean and Pete Pearson met on June 11, 2019 for their regular council meeting. Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Robinson and Deputy Corporate Officer Carleena Shepherd were present.
Mayor Torgerson opened the meeting by acknowledging the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Ratifying Board
Council ratified the board members for the Valemount Community Forest and the Valemount Industrial Park. The executive members of the VCF board are: President – Ainslie Jackman, Vice President – Gordon Carson, Treasurer – Peter Reimer. For the Industrial Park they are the same.

Sacrifice Red Veterans Support Society
Council resolved to give a letter of support to the society to apply to Northern Development Initiative Trust’s Fabulous Festivals and Events program for the 2019 vALEmount Craft Beer Experience.

Grants for RV Community Services Building
Council supported the grant application by Robson Valley Community Services to the BC Accessibility Grants Program to fund renovations to the Community Services Building at 99 Gorse Street. Council also approved renovations subject to authorization from the Public Works Superintendent and Building Inspector. Proposed work includes renovations to the two lower level washrooms to ensure they are wheelchair accessible; updates to the main entrance would include accessible automated doors and the addition of an accessible parking stall.

Canada Day Celebration
Council waived the rental fees for use of the Village tent by the Valemount Museum on July 1. It also approved donating a large cake to the event.

Northern Health Report on Wildfire and Smoke Preparedness
Councillor MacLean asked whether there is an interest to create safe, cool shelters as a respite for people suffering from asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), lung cancer and heart problems, who find that the heat and smoke from wildfires make it worse for them in the summer. Mayor Torgerson suggested bringing it up with Ministry of Environment staff on June 20.

Building Inspector’s Report
Council received a report that construction values for May 2019 added up to $214,500 and fees collected were $1628.

Additional School Tax
Council received a report from staff that the additional school tax rate only applies to residential properties on the portion valued over $3 million. The tax rate is 0.2% on the portion assessed between $3 million and $4 million and 0.4% on the portion assessed over $4 million. No properties in the Village are affected by the additional tax..

Zoning Amendment to permit Retailing Cannabis
Council gave first and second readings to Zoning Amendment Bylaw 801 presented by staff following a survey and open house related to retailing to cannabis. The zoning amendment permits a maximum of two retail cannabis outlets in Valemount in commercial zones C1, C2, C4 and C6. The stores cannot operate within 200 metres of any school or 100 metres of Centennial Park, John Osadchuk Park, curling club, arena, community hall, library and museum.

Council Reports
Councillor Pearson met with the Tourism Committee and discussed the sign committee. Pearson attended the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway Association meeting and mentioned improvements on Highway 16 close to Jasper. He attended the Mental Health presentation at the high school.

Councillor MacLean attended the Robson Valley Legacies presentation on seniors housing in McBride, the Village’s housing committee and Tourism Week’s Celebrations at the Best Western. She ensured that Kinbasket-specific input was included in the Columbia River Treaty Local Government Committee’s recommendations. She also attended the Valemountain Days parade.

Councillor Blanchette met with MLA Shirley Bond who was receiving community project updates in Valemount and McBride. She attended the Mental Health presentation at the high school.

Mayor Torgerson attended a Robson Valley Region meeting, the Valemountain Days parade, Prince George Regional Advisory Committee meeting, the mental health talk and met with Myles Bruns from the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Torgerson was present with Bruns during the testing of Emergency Management BC’s satellite radio system to send signals out from Valemount in the absence of other communications. The test went fine.

In-Camera Item
There was no in-camera item.