Re: Afghanistan; Seventeen Years Too Late

Gwynne Dyer is a typical journalist watch dog. Constantly barking at squirrels but alligators are not his job!

Who benefited from 911? Gwynne doesn’t ask.

Does America have a habit of attacking weaker nations? Jeez, can’t think of any they haven’t abused in some way!

Would America attack itself in order to go to war? USS Liberty, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, anthrax- hmmm that would be a yes.

Is it probable that a guy who can’t pass a flight test in a Cessna 172 can pilot a 757 through a 270 degree descending spiral, level out over the lawn at 530 mph and rip through the Pentagon accounting department at ground level?

Who was in charge of the Pentagon air defense?

Was the Pentagon experiencing some very serious accounting deficiencies?

How were April Gallop and other Pentagon office workers able to exit their offices through the alleged entry hole of flight 77 and not see any sign of an airplane or it’s contents?

By accepting the official 911 story Dyer completely disassociates himself from basic journalistic principal. Next he neglects to mention critical details.

The Afghan leaders told the Americans that they would release bin Laden for trial if evidence of guilt was provided. The Americans never produced any evidence but invaded the country instead.

It is doubtful that any solid evidence of Osama’s involvement has ever been found.

18 years later Osama is long dead and America is still in Afghanistan. Why? It can’t be about terrorism because terrorists are based all over the world and especially in America. Could it be heroin? Under American occupation opium production is at the highest levels ever. Maybe a continuous armed presence will insure some lucrative pipeline and mining deals? An honest journalist would discuss these possibilities.

To the point, what value does this shirker add to a community newspaper?

Brian Mckirdy

Valemount, BC