If ever we get the chance to decide together our common future, we will not let any of us get a far larger part of the wealth and leave a large group with just enough to survive.

Of course this call for democracy can hardly be understood these days, as everyone seems convinced, despite all evidence, that “representative democracy” is democracy. This has been repeated so many times, over such a long period of time, in the mainstream media, that even several progressive forces are buying it.

I can already hear strong reactions. Oh, but this real democracy is not possible today, we are far too many. Nonsense! First, the technology is there; second, and more importantly, most decisions should be taken by the concerned people, directly or indirectly, not by absolutely everyone – concerned or not. Plus, democracy would eliminate a lot of issues raised by the actual absence of democracy in terms of peace, fairness, environment.

Most of what we can do now is listen to the rich and powerful ones, laughing at us, despising us, protected by this fiction of democracy – the representative democracy. A time will come, I hope, for our own collective future and the future of our planet, that democracy, real democracy, will prevail.

Bruno Marquis

Gatineau, QC