Environmental crimes

Since May of this year, the Valemount RCMP and CVSE have been monitoring Highway 5 rest areas of Clemina Creek, Allan Creek, and Chappel Creek for commercial vehicles dumping grain, oats, and other products for various reasons.

Activity of this nature can have a negative environmental impact. In recent years we have seen animal collisions with bear and deer increasing in these areas, as they are attracted to the easy source of food.  One such injured bear was seen bleeding from the head last season while feeding on a pile of grain.

In recent weeks RCMP have been able to identify multiple suspect vehicles, drivers, and companies participating in this illegal activity. Fines have been issued in some cases, and efforts made to have these areas cleaned of dumped piles.

Further investigation will continue jointly between the RCMP, CVSE, and Conservation.

The public are asked to report to police if they witness any such dumping of this nature along Highway 5 and 16.

Added drug prevention

During the week of July 23rd to 28th the Valemount and McBride RCMP were complimented with assistance from the Roving Traffic Service Unit and speciality drug dogs.

These units offer a unique and beneficial service to the area and highways.

Robson Valley RCMP anticipate more frequent and future visits to the area will assist with controlling the flow of illegal drugs and weapons via Highway 5 and 16.

Jul. 27: During a traffic stop involving the Roving Traffic Service Unit, adult male and female occupants were arrested and subsequently held for court, and transported to Prince George. Located in the vehicle with assistance of a police dog was a loaded handgun, rifle, a quantity of valuables, cocaine and fentanyl.

The Robson Valley Regional RCMP — Valemount and McBride Detachments — recently received a new piece of equipment to assist with patrols of Highway 5 and 16, an Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) System.

The ALPR goal is to reduce auto theft and motor vehicle violations in particular those related to prohibited, suspended, unlicensed and uninsured drivers.

The ALPR program assists in the recovery of stolen vehicles, property and related vehicle criminality.  During the first week of use in the area approximately 1000 vehicles have been scanned.


Cpl. Jason NASH, Valemount RCMP