An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but for people in Valemount, it might not matter, as Northern Health is looking to hire one full-time position.

Valemount has one full-time physician moving to part-time, according to Northern Health, and so the organization is looking to take on another.

“We felt it would be easier to recruit a full-time role, and we have made that decision,” says Steve Raper, Northern Health’s chief of communications.

In the end, Valemount will end up with another half-time equivalent physician position.

The position, which was listed on Aug. 9, is listed as $400,000 annually with a one-time $15,000 relocation incentive and a one-time $20,000 recruitment incentive.

The contract extends over three years, and has a total value of $1,239,956.

“Replacing physicians is always challenging, so we work hard to get commitments as soon as possible,” he says.

The recruitment is in process, according to Raper, but no indication was given toward if any candidates had applied.

“The sooner we get candidates who are interested, the sooner we can move them through the college and privileges/requirements to practice,” says Raper.

The addition of a new doctor has nothing to do with Northern Health’s changes to the clinic’s hours, he says.

Keltie Carmichael, Northern Health’s Health Services Administrator for the Robson Valley, told The Goat changes are coming to the clinic’s hours.

The clinic’s emergency ward will no longer be walk-in on the weekends, and will use the same model as in the evenings.

Patients will have to call B.C. Ambulance first. If an emergency call is received after-hours, Carmichael says the on-call nurse goes in and does the assessment and calls a physician if needed.