Dear Editor,

Recent letters to editors highlight the urgent need for a Valemount rainbow crosswalk. It is not insignificant that our PM will soon acknowledge historic discrimination against the GBLT in Canada, and the present need of work to be done here, and internationally. Mr. Kenkel’s Letter (Aug. 11th Rocky Mountain Goat) reflects magnificent generosity of spirit. He validates Wisdom, the benefit of acquired knowledge. His is a fine example of credibility and talents, of a mind and soul furthering education in the noblest sense of the teaching tradition. Contrast it with a comment made by someone else, possibly in jest, during 2016 high school graduation, ‘I hope you’re not in drag.’ For any youth struggling with sexual orientation- a thorn thrust a little deeper in Paul’s side, and Peter retreats a little further into denial, into hiding for another day or a lifetime. A repressed half-life can be no joyful existence- untrue to one’s own creation. None more than the GBLT have lived the examined life, searched and sought for truth more earnestly.

A Mediterranean oral tradition teaches that man was created in god’s image. Mind, Reason, Tradition implies we have spiritual likeness with a Creator who could take-on various physical forms. Humans born in one form, with what they are given- including the transgendered. I have some trouble with desert tribal fragment-fundamentalists. Adam would be one rib short of his female counter-part. Christian and secular beliefs that would limit, confine a dynamic living god (in contrast to a functionally dead, stagnant, unchanging image on musty paper) locked in a box would, accordingly lack capacity for credible discernment- the ability to balance religious belief and experience with god given powers of Reason. Richard Hooker and Thomas Wesley did not ride shotgun on a pogo stick. They taught from solid foundations of a 3-legged stool and 4-legged chair. Wisdom validated by Experience and revealed across sands of time contributed a necessary balance and richness to Christian method of scriptural interpretation which facilitated the Reformation Enlightenment. History is important.

How sad when opportunity is feared, trust abused to facilitate theocratic rule. We enjoy a legacy version of democracy because courageous men and women through history died in pursuit of balanced separation of church and state. Life experience of 50+ years has imparted to Councillors and this Mayor a knowledge of what homophobia is and the means and processes of combating it. Valemount sets no precedent today. We are merely re-enacting a struggle that most of Canadian society emerged from years ago. From superstition and fears of 50’s era repression into light. Caring residents of insight see plainly through the time-honoured political side-step and averting controversy tactics. Jesus Christ and the social Gospels still have much to say about the trappings of Sadducees, Essenes, and Pharisees.

Peter Fox,

Valemount, BC