A recent Letter to the Editor (Re: McBride Library) outlined several questions regarding the McBride Library expansion.
Why doesn’t the Library move to the new Community Hall (RVCC)?

Early in the 2000s, there was a community hall planning group which included representatives from the Library. This group proposed a complex which would house a library, a museum, a community hall and offices, to be located in downtown McBride. Within a few years, however, those plans were changed and the new vision excluded the library, museum, and offices. It was decided that the community hall would be built on land already owned by the Regional District, adjacent to the Recreation Centre. The present community hall facility is not available for a Library, nor would it be useable as such without extensive renovation. The present community hall (RVCC) was never considered a viable option except in the initial planning stages.

Why will the Library pay taxes?

Historically, the local library has operated within a tax-exempt designation, but many libraries currently do pay taxes as laws change and libraries evolve.

Does the community support fundraising events?

The letter to the editor made an observation about fundraising, stating that “the community has come up with 45Gs to promote the project…Not a very positive indication of the community’s desire for a new one”. In actual fact, we are happy to report that the amount raised by this community is $129,000. Over the past few years the community has generously supported all of our fundraisers.

Should the community have more questions, we will be happy to answer them. Please feel free to drop off questions at the Library.

Eunice Wentz and Stefi McLean
McBride Library Trustees