Logging on 5-mile by the community forest

By Laura Keil

During least week’s Council meeting, Valemount Mayor Jeannette Townsend made several remarks about the Valemount Community Forest being “in good standing again” and commended Counc. Reimer for his “research.”

As the mayor did not elaborate at the meeting, the supposed transgression was left up to observers’ imaginations.

VCF Manager Craig Pryor explains the problem was the VCF was not keeping up with its legal requirement to submit changes in directors to the government.

He says each year they have to file an annual report to the government registry which shows changes to the board of directors or any changes to the make-up of the VCF.

“With the changes to the board over the past year or so we failed to have all our ducks in a row. We just completed the paperwork with past and present directors and the Village and submitted to our lawyers for submission. “

He says the VCF should be in good standing shortly.

“It’s not very exciting and easy to miss when you’re busy.”