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In McBride, single family residential saw no change, while total residential increased by 0.3 per cent. Commercial propertied dropped by 0.18.

By Korie Marshall

This summer Valemount Council approved a study to look at the needs and demands for affordable, accessible and appropriate housing within the community. An online survey is currently available to residents, and this week, Council will choose local members of a focus group to meet with the contractor doing the study.

In August, Matthew McNeil of Housing Strategies Ltd. was awarded the contract to conduct the
Affordable Housing Needs and Demands Assessment study. McNeil prepared the online survey (available now through the Village of Valemount News webpage or at www.survey, intended to help develop a clearer idea of the needs and demands in the community.

The work plan for the study also includes a meeting with a focus group of about 8-10 community members to discuss local housing issues and challenges in the area, key barriers to addressing these issues and challenges, and potential solutions.

The Village received two grants for the study totalling a maximum or $20,000; one from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the other from Columbia Basin Trust.