Photos: Korie Marshall, Monica Marcu and Mike Podina

McBride and Valemount weathered winter temperatures to pay tribute to veterans at this year’s 2015 Remembrance Day ceremonies. So many people showed up to the Valemount ceremony that no everyone could fit into the Legion. The ceremonies began with parades, followed by laying of wreaths at the cenotaphs, music, and words. Above: Donnie MacLean with her mom Louise MacLean; Monique Jamin places a wreath; Marilyn Wheeler places a wreath.

Legion art & writing winners * First name is 1st place, second name is 2nd place

Black and white poster
Intermediate: Ellie Deuling, Emily Kunka
Junior: Kendra Mueck, Karli Lawless
Primary: Sam Darragh, Kirby Scheller

Colour poster
Intermediate: Natalie Pardo, Makayla Kunka
Junior: Riley-Alan Kunka, Garrett Nash
Primary: Samara Olson-Smith, Gabriel
Intermediate: Ellie Deuling, Emily Kunka
Junior: Hailey Plamondon

Intermediate: Ben Dempsey, Lehna
Junior: Tatianna Broersma, Karli Lawless