Submitted by Robson Valley RCMP

Sometime overnight on October 26th a bus window was smashed out by a rock. Anyone with information is asked to call the Valemount RCMP at 250-566-4466 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

On October 26th Valemount RCMP attended a collision between a BC Ambulance and a deer on 9th Ave. No one was injured in the collision and damage was minimal.

On October 26th Valemount RCMP responded to a report of an erratic driver that hit a guard rail south of Valemount. The vehicle was located at the Petro Canada and the driver was determined to be sober. One of the passengers was transported to the clinic by BC Ambulance for a sore back.

Sometime overnight on October 26th thieves broke in to the Village yard and stole some small equipment and 2 trucks. Both trucks and some of the equipment were recovered over the next couple of days. Other property, believed to be stolen elsewhere, was also recovered. Forensic Identification Section from Prince George attended and processed the scene. Evidence collected is being analysed and the matter remains under investigation.

On October 26th McBride RCMP received a report of a single vehicle roll over near Ptarmigan Creek after an east bound SUV lost control on slushy roads and rolled into the ditch. The driver was uninjured.

On October 26th McBride RCMP attended a two vehicle collision west of McBride and a semi unit lost control on slushy roads and side swiped another semi unit travelling in the opposite direction. No one was injured, but the vehicles suffered extensive damage.

On October 27th Valemount RCMP attended a verbal dispute between two males as one was picking up his personal effects and moving out. There were no issues and the two males went their separate ways.

On October 27th Valemount RCMP attended a vehicle collision near Blue River and a car struck a moose. BC Ambulance attended and determined no one was seriously injured.

On October 28th Valemount RCMP received a report of another moose and vehicle collision north of Blue River. Police would like to remind everyone to be extra vigilant and to drive according to road, weather, and lighting conditions to avoid encounters with wildlife.

On October 28th McBride RCMP were notified of an erratic drive passing unsafely and almost hitting a school bus. Police attended and stopped the vehicle. A on board dash-cam from the complainant was reviewed and the driver of the picker truck was issued two violation tickets including one for drive without due care.

On October 28th McBride RCMP attended a single vehicle tractor trailer roll over near the Goat River Bridge. The driver had lost control on wet roads and crossed the center line damaging several no posts before rolling. The driver was uninjured and issued a violation ticket.

On October 29th Valemount RCMP attended a vehicle roll over at the Fraser River Bridge east of Moose Lake. A west bound pick-up truck towing a boat lost control on the icy bridge deck and was unable to recover. The trailer hitch snapped and the truck rolled down an embankment. The boat and trailer remained on the shoulder. A female passenger was transported by BC Ambulance to Valemount for non-life threatening injuries.

On October 29th McBride RCMP stopped a vehicle after it was observed without a front licence plate. The driver was issued a violation ticket and motor vehicle branch records indicated he had to be served a 2 month driving prohibition which was done.

On October 30th Valemount RCMP received a report of a vehicle colliding with a rock near Thunder River causing damage to the vehicle. No one was injured.

On October 30th McBride RCMP responded to a theft of a cell phone from the Petro Canada. A video of the suspect has been obtained and the matter is still under investigation.

On October 31st Valemount RCMP attended the Tete Jaune Scales after an odour of marihuana was detected in a tractor trailer unit. A small amount of marihuana was seized for destruction and the driver was released after passing a standardized field sobriety test.

Sometime between October 24 and 27 thieves broke into a shed and Sea can on a rural McBride property and stole four dirt bikes. Anyone with information is asked to call the McBride RCMP at 250-569-2255 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Valemount and McBride RCMP have been receiving several complaints about possible phone and computer scams. Revenue Canada and other Government Agencies will NOT call and threaten you to send money. If you receive a phone call, text, or e-mail like this simply hang up or delete the message. Government Agencies will always send official correspondence. If you are unsure about return addressed or phone numbers you can verify them on-line. Revenue Canada does not offer tax refunds via text or e-mail either. If you receive a text or e-mail telling you to follow links to collect money, delete them as they are from con-artists trying to defraud you out of your money or personal information. For a full list of current and past scams and on how to report and protect yourself from fraud, visit the Canadian Fraud Centre Website at