Submitted by Marian Plummer

On Sept. 18, we had our first Youth Group at the Valemount Elementary School. Although we meet from 7-9 pm on Fridays, several youth were eagerly waiting to get into the gym. 32 youth from Gr. 7-12 played volleyball using a large air ball; both basketball and Mission Impossible at the time; and new game they referred to as ‘hands,’ which had youth laying in a circle in the centre of the gym floor. There were lots of ‘Aws and laughter,’ as one by one, someone had to leave the circle, because both of their hands had tapped out. For some cool off time we played ‘grounders’ in the dark, as well as shooting some hoops on the tarmac. The evening concluded with their treat time of cookies, rice crispy squares and a juice box for everyone. The Youth Group is sponsored by Firm Foundations Christian Outreach.