By: Korie Marshall

The BC Coroners Service is investigating a tragic incident that occurred early Friday morning, March 27th in Valemount.

Spokesperson Barb McLintock says a man in his 50’s was driving a pickup on private property when it entered a pond and flipped onto its roof. She says the passenger was able to escape and survived, but the driver could not.

McLintock says she cannot confirm the identity at this time, but reports from local residents say the driver was Randy Plamondon, local resident and owner of Wilderness Creek Cabins. Unconfirmed reports say he was driving around a berm on a man-made pond on the property near Wilderness Creek Cabins when the berm gave way, rolling the truck into the pond.

Friends are posting on the Facebook page “Wilderness Creek Cabins Randy,” saying “Please say it isn’t so!!” and “I love you!”