Youth group Feb,06,2014 005aa

Submitted by Marian Plummer

We frequently hear that old grumbling ‘there’s nothing to do for teens in this town’. These pictures says something entirely different! This past Friday night we had 29 youth from the Valemount area come out to enjoy a couple of hours of fellowship and getting a bit of exercise. Although it was raining and the streets were extremely slippery, several of the youth walked to the elementary school gym, with the intent of having some good, clean, safe fun.

Even though the basket ball girls weren’t able to go to Burns Lake for their tournament due to road conditions they managed to have fun shooting hoops and having some friendly competitions. Some people had basket balls, some used the foam dodge balls, and some used foam footballs. The medicine ball is just a bit too large to make it through the hoop, so it then becomes a game for trying to knock it off the hoop. The new foam dodge balls were recently purchased with funds from recycling donations from the community.
With 29 youth all in one room, one had to be more cautious as there were balls of different sizes and shapes, coming in all directions and sailing through the air … as well as a Frisbee!

These young adults are always well behaved and are building new friendships as they join in this event. Some of the youth have part-time jobs, which means they work on Friday nights sometimes. Although they may be away for several weeks, all the youth know they are always welcome to join in on the fun whenever they can. The evening always concludes with a treat and juice box, and a short visit before everyone heads off for their respective homes. This week’s treats were a freshly baked batch of soft ginger snaps, watermelon, two choices of candy, and the usual juice box.

Next Friday will be our last Youth Group meeting for the month of February. We will resume again after the spring break, once school is back in.