By Korie Marshall

Mike Weigele Helicopter Skiing is supporting the local community in Blue River by developing cross country ski trails, allowing free access to 28 kilometers of groomed trails in the area.
A news release from Mike Weigele last week says the donation of a track setter and snowmobile from long-time guest and friend of the company, Neil MacGillivray, will mean the company and the community have one more activity to offer to guests and locals.

Willow Macdonald, Director for Area B of the Thompson Nicola Regional District, says the Thompson Headwaters (Area B) Services Committee has hired Mike Wiegele at a very nominal rate to groom the trails under the committee’s purview. She says it is difficult for small communities across the country to obtain expensive equipment and to find the volunteers to do the labour. She says the district is very happy that Wiegele’s has solved both problems with this new contract.

“I would also like to thank Wiegele’s for their generosity in allowing the public to ski their trails. Free access to all 28 kilometers of groomed trails available in Blue River is significant,” says Macdonald via email. “If Mike Wiegele wants to announce to the world Blue River’s secret of great cross country skiing, then please come and enjoy the day, stay the night and have dinner. Blue River is beautiful and we are happy to share.”

Through a partnership with BC Parks, Recreational Sites & Trails BC, and the Thompson Nicola Regional District, Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing has committed to the upkeep of these trails for use by it’s guests and members of the community.

“The staff at the resort have worked very hard throughout the summer months preparing these trails and now with the heavy amount of snow on the ground are still busy ensuring the trails are kept up to Wiegele standards,” says Bruce MacMillan, spokesperson for the company in the news release. “We look forward to providing this service throughout the winter months in an effort to provide a world class activity to the beautiful community of Blue River.”