By: Laura Keil

Just a half hour drive from Valemount, Overlander Falls is a great short hike for the whole family. With two accesses, you can choose one path that is only 300m to the viewpoint, or a longer path approx. 2.5km one-way. The longer path takes you by the historic site Hogan’s Camp. Dennis Hogan was a construction contractor who worked for the Grand Truck Pacific and the Canadian Northern Railways in the early 1910s, according to “Historic Hikes and Places in the Robson Valley.” It is one of many “end of steel” camps constructed along the railway line during that decade.

The longer trail takes 1.5-2 hours return if you’re travelling at a steady pace. The shorter trail can be completed in 30 minutes. The falls themselves are not as big as Rearguard Falls, but the narrow canyon makes this an interesting location to visit for the rock formations. The longer trail follows this canyon, and you can glimpse views of the river as you go along. At this time of year you can enjoy the smell of fall and there are few insects.
On the longer trail there are some short sections that drop off steeply and would not be good for someone with a severe fear of heights.

The access to the trail is right off Hwy 16 (across the hwy from Mt. Robson Visitor Info Centre) and there is parking near the trailheads.