Local photographers Laura Keil and Beth Russell were at the Mt. Robson Marathon again this year and are offering photos for sale to racers.

Full size watermarked photos are $12. Non-watermarked digital only photos are $25. Printed 4×6 photos are $10 each, 5x7s are $15, 8x10s are $25 each. Prices do not include postage or tax.

To order a photo contact goatnewspaper (at) gmail.com

We will be captioning each photo with the racer bib # – please be patient as we fill these in. You will be able to search this page with your browser’s search function to view the photos you’re looking for based on bib #. NOTE: we will NOT be marking the podium photos with bib #s. If you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, please go through these photos manually.