By: Laura Keil

The Valemount Arts and Cultural Society (VACS) is once again bringing the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (BMFF) to Valemount this year.

The BMFF is an international film competition and presentation of short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and environment.

About 300 films are entered annually, and 60 or so films are selected for the festival. After the festival, a selection of the best films goes on tour. The host organization in each tour location chooses the films that reflect local interests.

VACS member Neysa Weatherbee says says the films are selected by the VACS Theatre Committee. They look at what has been popular elsewhere and see if there are any films with a connection to this area. The films VACS chose this year will last one hour and 45 minutes with a half hour break.

“We like to put as much cultural content as we can to appeal to as many of our community members as possible. It
isn’t just all high energy guys jumping off cliffs; of course there is always some of that,” she says.

Weatherbee says last year they asked BMFF about the lack of films starring and produced by women. The Centre responded that they are at the mercy of what films are entered. This year there are two finalists starring women – one from England and one from the US.

Weatherbee says VACS brings this show to Valemount to connect residents to the broader outdoor experience and to bring about cultural awareness. She says she hopes people leave the theatre with a sense of awe at the planet we live on and the amazing outdoor opportunities.

The films run this Sunday Sept 28th at 7pm in the Valemount Community Theatre. Tickets are available at Infinity Office & Health.