It wasn’t anything he read in the paper that led to this knee jerk reaction. Valemount’s Mayor Andru McCracken broke, fractured and dented his tibia Jan 30th in a skiing accident in Fernie and will be on crutches for several months.

McCracken had arrived a day early in Fernie for a meeting with the Columbia Basin Trust to take advantage of their ski hill with his wife Laura Keil.

“One second I was skiing behind my wife, and the next I was tumbling down in a cloud of smoke, arms akimbo, like Rob Ford at a press convention.”

“It hurt badly, but First Aid suggested I give it a few days and see if it would get better or worse. It seemed to be getting better, so I spent the next two days in meetings,” he said. “If I had gone to emergency, they definitely would have sent me to surgery right away, so I am glad I didn’t. CBT meetings are awesome.”