By Korie Marshall

A group of local residents are concerned with BC Hydro’s Smart Meter Program and the “opt-out” program currently being considered by the BC Utilities Commission. They want to help raise awareness about the dangers of smart meters by airing an award-winning documentary.

“Take Back Your Power,” a 102-minute documentary by British Columbian Josh Del Sol, won the Indie Fest Award of Excellence in 2013, and has tied for first place for the Aware Guide Transformational Film of the Year. Released in September 2013, the documentary was funded by private investment and crowd-funding, and explores concerns with smart meters, including health risks, hacking vulnerabilities, increased bills and in-home surveillance and privacy.

A group of residents calling themselves Robson Valley Citizens Concerned with Smart Meters wants to help raise awareness of the issues with smart meters, as well as get others involved in a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. They are concerned about a number of issues with the devices, including: health issues from the radiation; risk of fire from devices not approved by the Canadian Standards Association; and privacy and security issues from devices that can tell what you have running and when. The group also claims the introduction of the smart meter program by BC Hydro was undemocratic and unsuccessful in its stated goals – no meaningful public consultation occurred prior to implementing the program, and similar programs around the world have not met their goal of reducing energy consumption.

Members of the Concerned Citizens including Roger Beck, John Grogan and Eugene Jamin are asking: “If we arranged for public showings of this documentary, would you come? Are any of the above issues important to you?”

The documentary is currently available for rent or purchase at Anyone wishing to support or participate in the class action suit can find out more at