By Korie Marshall

Sensible BC plans to launch another campaign for a public vote to decriminalize marijuana in BC and work towards legalizing it, but not in 2014.

“We’re going to spend the year building more momentum, training more canvassers and getting ourselves ready for success,” said Dana Larsen, Director of Sensible BC, in a message to canvassers.

One of the things they will be doing is holding a rally in Victoria on Feb. 11 for the opening of the Legislature. Another will be raising more money.

Nick Whitehead, Sensible BC’s Volunteer Coordinator, said in a statement they only spent $200,000 during last fall’s campaign, which works out to less than $2 per signature. In contrast, he says the campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington spent over $6 million – that is over $18 spent per signature.

“Our plan over the next year is simple; turn Sensible BC into a political force to be reckoned with,” said Whitehead. He says the campaign did impressively well, especially considering it was not backed by the substantial funding that went into the successful campaigns in Washington and Colorado.

Donations to Sensible BC are matched by lottery winner and long-time marijuana activist Bob Erb of Terrace.