Karen Taks, paradigm shifts life coaching
Taks studied on Quadra Island before returning to Valemount where she had previously lived for seven years.
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By Laura Keil

It’s easy to see how repetitive thoughts can eventually become beliefs. But how do we control our thoughts and change our beliefs? How do we know which beliefs are holding us back?

Karen Taks wants you to look at your life critically – not to criticize, but to tease out what’s holding you back or dragging you down.

“People sometimes give up on dreams because they think it can’t happen,” Taks says. “Do you know how many times we’ve all gone astray because we’ve had beliefs that weren’t so?”

It’s about changing the way you look at the world, which is reflected in her company’s name “Paradigm Shifts Life Coaching.” She says self-awareness leads to self-mastery, something she helps her clients achieve.

“It’s like turning on a light in a room and knowing where everything is,” she says. “If the room is dark, you’re always reacting; you’re not in control.”

Taks uses a series of 10 courses to help her clients reflect on their lives and move in a positive direction. The courses cover clear communication, creating a personal identity, purposeful living, relationships, grasping and accepting your history, and inherent potential, among others.

In addition to life coaching, Taks also does Reiki. She meets clients at the Gathering Tree, her home or her clients’ homes. Taks is a Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach.

She says one man who was close to committing suicide sought her out and she was able to connect with him through Reiki and coaching. Other clients simply wish to break a negative cycle or rid themselves of harmful beliefs.

Taks says her approach is not to teach, per se, but to support and guide her clients through the course material. Each course is designed to last about two hours in addition to “homework” you do on your own time.

The developer of the courses is Taks’ former teacher Penny Cote who lives on Quadra Island, BC. Taks studied on Quadra Island before returning to Valemount where she had previously lived for seven years.

Taks says she hopes to put into other people’s heads what’s been given to her, since it made a huge difference in her own life.

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