Over the last year, the boards of the McBride Library and Museum have been working to solve the problem of insufficient space. A joint working group has been formed with representatives from the Village Council, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Valley Museum and Archives and the McBride and District Public Library to discuss questions and concerns with options to address the space issue.

The Library and Museum have stated purchasing the building at 521 Main Street is their preferred option. Earlier this year, the library and museum entered into an “intent to purchase” agreement with the owner of 521 Main. That agreement expired in May and the building owner has since put the property on the open market. The library and museum maintain that 521 Main Street remains their preferred option and are undertaking fundraising activities.

Some of the issues the joint working group have discussed include:

“¢ Ownership – The Library and Museum are forming a non-profit society which would be responsible for the ownership and operation of a new building.

“¢ Long term financial plan/taxes – The library and museum have presented a proposed 5-year financial plan that accounts for paying for property taxation, and covering programs and other related expenses.

“¢ Rezoning – A rezoning application has been received for 521 Main Street . A public hearing regarding the zoning amendment bylaw is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm at the Robson Valley Community Centre to receive public comments pertaining to changing the land use designation for the lot at 521 Main Street from Commercial to Public Development.

“¢ Grants and Letters of Support – The library and museum will identify and explore available grants and where required will approach the Village of McBride Council and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George for letters of support.

The group will meet again at the end of October.