With regards to the proposed library expansion I do appreciate the thought and work that has gone into the planned expansion but I also feel that many of the points brought up by Tim Nusse should be considered.

Just for the fun of it, here’s my two cents…

My first thought with the proposed addition being added to the front (besides the building concerns like adding frame to log etc. which Tim pointed out in his April 24th letter) was how sad that this beautiful little log building will be forever buried behind the addition. I personally feel that we need to save such buildings in their original state and include them in our history.

So here’s my idea…we bring up the log cabin/trapper exhibit from the basement of the museum and set it up in the log cabin. Not only is the story of the earlier trappers quite incredible but we have the story of female trapper, Ella Fry, that is nothing short of amazing. I personally think this story is worth showcasing and what better place than in a little pioneer type log cabin.

Crazy idea maybe but I recall not long ago someone had the idea of painting Big Feet around town and wow look at what we got (I have never seen so many people out and about, it’s like a mini Central Park!).

As for the library options I have heard the idea of it going into something downtown has been tossed around which I like and I also like Tim’s thought of consolidating public buildings as they are thinking of doing in McBride. The two that come to my mind as being a really good
marriage are the library and post office.

We all want large expenditures of public money to be well thought out and I believe we need to think about this one a little more.

Patricia Thoni