How would you like to travel the mighty Fraser for 3 weeks?

The Rivershed Society of BC is currently accepting applications for a chance to travel down the Fraser River by canoe, raft, shuttle, van and foot this summer.

The Sustainable Living Leadership Program will take 10 people down the 1,400 km route of the salmon, from the headwaters of the Fraser to the sea.

“Traveling through ten of BC’s fourteen biogeoclimatic zones, you study watersheds, salmon, resource management and how to lower your ecological footprint. You discuss what it means to live sustainably; you learn about food security, voluntary simplicity and green economics.”

The Rivershed Society of BC was founded in 1996, and its mission is to “protect, conserve and restore the health of BC riversheds in this generation.”

Applicants to the SLLP must be between 19 and 35 years old, “physically fit, willing to lead, work hard, and have a strong interest in sustainable living,” and preference will be given to people who live and volunteer in the Fraser River Basin

The program costs about $10,000 per participant, and is partially funded by a number of foundations, like the Sprott, Gainey, and North Growth Foundations. Applicants must provide a summary of a sustainability project they plan to implement in their community after the trip. They must also provide a $1,500 fee with their application, and are encouraged to seek financial assistance from their community (for example, from a service club, band council or business association)

Application deadline is May 31, and the program runs August 1-25, 2013. See for more information, and the application guidelines.

By: Laura Keil