How does “The Granny Pack” sound to you? We have the school PAC, the Scout pack, wolf packs… so why not the “Granny Pack?”

Speaking as a Gran, there are a whole lot of us out here, not necessarily on Facebook and the internet every minute of the day. But, we all have a lot in common! Quite apart from children and grandchildren.

We have experience, we have opinions, we have common sense, we have a sense of responsibility, a sense of history and a sense of place.

Let’s give ourselves a voice as well! Laura has agreed to give us space through the Goat Newspaper.

My idea is that we form an Association. This Association will have:

No meetings
No committee
No agendas
No membership fees
No official or unofficial titles… are you still reading? Good!

All you have to be to qualify is to be a grandmother – if you’re not, then adopt a grandchild quickly.

Common sense rules, OK?

There will be an e-mail address set up to send things to, or you can post written articles in the box which Mike has said we can set up in IGA! or drop off your opinion/comment at the Goat Office
mailbox or email [email protected].

You can comment on anything you like around the Valley but this is not a negative thing.

I thought we might have sections for:

Births deaths and marriages (Hatched , matched etc )
Roses and raspberries (I borrowed that title from a Zimbabwe column – things to praise and things to criticize)
Social Comment
Political comment
Sage advice on rearing children
How to save money
How to make medicines
Which plants to eat/or not
Anything you think might be relevant or of interest to other readers!

Are you still reading this?? What do you think of the idea so far? Just nod… or not!

This is a column for US to write in! It is our voice.

To begin with I will collect ideas and collate them and send them in, but later I want anyone who offers to do this job. Not everything will go in, that is the Ganny editor of the week, month or fortnight’s choice.

Marion Farquharson,
Valemount Granny Pack