Just about all relationships start out with a blazing inferno of passion and end up after a while with just some burned out embers. These are some simple ways to keep that flame going in your relationship and to keep it from burning out!

1. Break the routine
There’s a place for routine in everyone’s life but it shouldn’t be in the bedroom. Don’t get stuck doing the same things all the time. Put that sexy outfit on and be creative. It is easy to find comfort in what’s familiar but comfort leads to boredom and really sucks the fun out of the boudoir. Try role playing seductive games – all I’m saying is keep it fresh!

2.Keep it light
One of the worst times in my opinion to have a conversation about finances, troubles at work or other stuff going on in our lives is at night before bed. Save those conversations for later. Nothing is more of a turn off than worrying about finances or work. Instead talk about positive things like promotions, upcoming events that you’ve been looking forward to going to. Pat each other on the back for all the positive things going on in each other’s lives. Before you know it you will be snuggling and kissing and the spark will be a tumultuous flame of passion burning through the night!

3.Be spontaneous
Surprise each other with small gifts, but remember no breaking the bank! Just creativity! As an example, take a vase and write down all the attributes you love about your partner on little pieces of paper then put the vase with all the little notes in the bedroom so when she comes home or when you go to bed she can be surprised! Trust me she will love your creativity and both of you will go to bed happy.

4.Be polite
Now this seems silly to have to say this but don’t forget to say please and thank you. After a while it is easy to start to forget to say these things but it makes a big difference! No matter how small of an act just say it – whether it’s passing the salt shaker at the table or taking out the trash, this shows you recognized the effort and you care. Make it a habit and you will probably notice a positive change in each other’s moods while doing your daily chores. It’s like mom used to say “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”

5. Remembering why you love each other
After being a couple for a while it’s easy to forget all the little things that the both of you have done that got you to fall in love with each other. Take a trip down memory lane. It can be fun to chuckle about silly things you guys did together – bad haircuts and so on. Recreate how you met or take out the photo album and snuggle together and reminisce about the past. sometimes taking a trip down memory lane is all it takes to rekindle the feeling you have for each other. As long as you can remember why you love each other you’ll never fall out of love.

This is just another couple ways to keep the spark going. It’s never too late to try new things or remember old things.

Robert Van-Haaften