In just over two months, a large contingent of youth will be roaming the streets, trails, and alley ways of Valemount and surrounding area. This wandering gang will not be protesting the HST, celebrating an NHL victory, singing Christmas carols or doing other such activities large mobs of people do together. There is no need to be alarmed and take flight. In fact, they may even ask for your help! They will be participating in Valemount’s own Amazing Race type event for people aged 16-26.

Resident Jared Smith recently applied for a Columbia Basin Trust Youth Grant and received funding for this event which will take place sometime at the end of June. The race will be designed and organized by three local youth coordinators, most likely Grade 12 students looking for a bit of extra cash near graduation time and a really interesting resume builder.

The race will be made up of teams coming from Valemount and the surrounding communities of Blue River, McBride, Jasper, and possibly further afield to take part in the event.

“It’s going to be a really fun weekend for everyone,” says Smith, the project facilitator.

“Although the actual race will take a day, there will be a welcome reception and awards ceremony which make it a great opportunity to make it into a weekend camping trip.”

The race will consist of a series of challenges in which three person teams work together to complete tasks. After solving a riddle or receiving instructions, a team will move on to the next challenge. The first team to successfully complete all the challenges will win. The challenges will include a range of activities involving different skill sets, such as problem solving skills, navigation, communication. But according to Smith it will all have an emphasis on teamwork.

Smith hopes that if the event generates enough interest, it can become an annual event, growing in turn-out and popularity.

“Although it is being announced right after the Mount Robson Marathon, it was conceived independently,” Smith says, adding that he’s been thinking about the idea ever since his sister-in-law put on an amazing race event for his birthday.

“It’s not going to be really competitive,” says Smith. “It is more a chance to meet new people, hang out and do something different and interesting.”

Keep posted for upcoming information on how to apply for the youth co-ordinator positions or sign up your team. For more info email [email protected] or call 250-566-4022.