While there is still no word on financing for the Saas Fee condo proposal for Valemount, some roadblocks have been cleared on the government side.

Valemount Village administrator Tom Dall says there were some “hiccups” in communication between the Ministry of Transportation and Saas Fee.

“We’ve cleared up those and hopefully we’ll have a resolution to that within the next three weeks,” he says.

In order to change local zoning bylaws for the development, the Village had to get approval from the Ministry of Transportation. Approval is necessary for any development within 700 metres of the highway.

The approval is one issue that was outstanding, Dall says.

The Saas Fee development was first proposed two years ago. Developers have been working on obtaining financing and government approvals.

“We’re working very hard to make it happen,” Dall says.

Shirley Sander, president of Saas Fee did not wish to comment at this time.