Steps we have taken…

March 2020

The Goat is taking steps to help reduce the spread of any germs in our office or on our newsprint. Only non-symptomatic staff wearing safety masks will handle newspapers, and gloves will be worn where touching papers is necessary. At this point in time, transmission via surfaces is considered a low source of transmission but we are monitoring the science closely. If you have any doubts, we’d be happy to set you up with an online subscription. It is identical to the print version, only it can be accessed at home on your computer or device. We send it through email.

How to contact us
We are encouraging our customers to phone or email us instead of coming in person.
Contact us: 250-566-4606
[email protected]
or for a subscription or ad payment email
[email protected]

Thanks for the support
The newspaper has already felt the impact of closures and edicts to stay home. We are hoping to operate as usual for as long as possible. We have seen a decrease in event-based ads. A great way to support the Goat is to subscribe or re-subscribe early.

Breaking News!
We will be updating our website daily as updates emerge on the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit us at or follow us on facebook at for updates as they arise.

Providing Excellent service
Finally, if you need help getting the word out about your organization or businesses let us know. We will be doing round-ups of certain information in story format and of course we are always happy to help you with an ad, which supports our ability to produce a local paper.

Thank you for your support and take care,

Laura Keil, Publisher
The Rocky Mountain Goat