By Andrea Arnold

The McBride Figure Skating club transported attendees to an evening in Las Vegas. The trip began at the airport and the tour included glitz, show girls, stage performances, gambling and a stop at a wedding chapel.

Sula has her bags packed and is ready so “Let’s Go to Vegas.”/ANDREA ARNOLD
The youngest members show off their luck with a roll of the dice. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Hannah decided to split the deck as she experienced the “Lonely Town” Vegas can be. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Josie and Georgia “Gotta Feeling” of excitement that fills the city of lights. /ANDREA ARNOLD
The senior members of the club are on the hunt for “Money, Money, Money,” in a rich man’s world. /ANDREA ARNOLD
The Drills skaters try their luck in a shady gambling den during “Vegas Nights.” /ANDREA ARNOLD
Elvis (Morgan) performed a medley with legendary style. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Jenny’s focus is razor sharp as she moves to “Shutdown” her opponent and win the jackpot. /ANDREA ARNOLD
“The Gambler” Emily keeps her winning streak alive, spinning her way to the finale. /ANDREA ARNOLD