Re: Planned power outages Jan. 25-28th 8am-4pm

If this planned outage is an emergency, then we can’t count on above freezing weather in January. Dome Creek and Crescent Spur have ~ 150 BC Hydro customers. That could translate to 300+ people.

  • People who most likely don’t have wood stoves to heat or cook
  • Some have children or are seniors at home
  • Most all rely on electricity to pump their water for themselves and livestock
  • Some have jobs for night shifts that require their block heaters to be on to allow their vehicles to start. Note: the Slim Creek Highway 16 maintenance yard has had a high proportion of Dome Creek residents as snow plow operators.

Of course waiting until warmer weather would be ideal for this planned outage. However, BC Hydro is a Crown Corporation with the resources and technology to maintain power for these communities during this planned outage if they put their minds to it.

I’m equally concerned that we have this sort of emergency now in the middle of winter! If we are being told the truth (BC Hydro has not been noted for that, locally) then the pole inspection recently performed by the BC Hydro brush clearing crew is what brought us to this emergency repair. This service only happens every 5-7 years to clear the brush away from the power lines. Perhaps the poles themselves need a more regular inspection?

Adding your voice to ours would be appreciated.

Russ Purvis

Dome Creek, BC